"Storm" - 6 Seater

"Storm" - 6 Seater

Introducing the 2023 Navitas Storm - the epitome of luxury and performance in the world of golf carts. Engineered with precision and crafted with care, the Storm stands out as an industry pioneer, boasting an array of innovative features that redefine the golf cart experience.

The Navitas Storm is a 6-passenger golf cart that combines cutting-edge technology with unparalleled comfort. Designed for those who demand nothing but the best, this custom-built vehicle is packed with industry-firsts and premium amenities.

Spec List:

  • Powerful Performance: 105ah Eco Battery lithium battery, 6KW AC motor, 600 amp controller.
  • Comfortable Design: Tinted flip-down windshield, Premium Modz seats with seat belts, Custom Guzzi Steering wheel.
  • Terrain Ready: 14x10 Assassin monster wheels, 23” Grips radial tires.
  • Enhanced Visibility: LED headlights, blinkers, brake lights, horn, USB charging ports.
  • Convenient Extras: Smart lithium charger, upgraded flip backseat with storage cooler, Bimini Extended roof.
  • Entertainment: Ecoxgear 28” soundbar, Ecoxgear 10” SUBWOOFER, integrated under lighting.
  • Speed and Safety: Up to 35 MPH, Deluxe grab bar.
  • Warranty: 2-year manufacturer warranty, 8-year lithium battery warranty.

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