"Hulk" - 6 Seater

"Hulk" - 6 Seater

Introducing the "Hulk" Golf Cart: Unleash Your Inner Power on the Streets!

Take your cruising experience to the next level with the Hulk Golf Cart, designed to provide unmatched performance and comfort. Named after its formidable presence and powerful capabilities, the Hulk Golf Cart is built to impress.


  • Spacious 6 Passenger Limousine Design
  • Powerful 600a Navitas Controller with 5kW AC Motor for speeds exceeding 35mph
  • Long-lasting 160Ah Eco Lithium Battery for extended range
  • Comfortable Premium Seating
  • Sleek 15” Wheels with Steel Belted Radials
  • Immersive 28” Ecoxgear Soundbar with Monster Subwoofer
  • Convenient Premium Rear Seat with Storage/Cooler Cupholders
  • Stylish Multicolor LED Headlight Surrounds and Underlighting
  • Functional Bimini Roof with Green Paracord accent

Experience the Hulk difference today and elevate your cruising experience!


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